About Us


About Us

Learn English in a different way!

Twist and Talk is completely different from traditional English schools.

We teach English through practical classes: cooking, playing guitar, preparing for a job interview, joining a walking tour around the city.

In order to help students unlock their English speaking, we use an audio-visual methodology that focuses on conversation, with groups limited to a maximum of 8 students.

We have both courses for complete beginners and intensive multi-level courses. The grammar is taught and assessed individually through a high-quality online platform.

100% Conversation classes

Small groups

Fun classes

Material Included

Best place in Amsterdam

Our methodology

Your neurons are constantly awake at Twist and Talk!

Did you know that our brain triggers our memory in order to learn a new language? Fun fact: our memory works better when associating new words to experiences and feelings.

This is why all classes at Twist and Talk are followed by a practical activity or a different experience. This way, the student will learn English naturally!

Plus,  our students can count on the top notch quality of Macmillan tools to practice what they learn at home!

Our teachers

Twist and Talk was founded and is coordinated by teacher Claudia Dimampera, who has over 20 years of experience teaching English.

She’s certified to teach the language both by Cambridge and by the Canadian Institute of English. She’s constantly searching for innovative and efficient methods to teach English.

Every week you’ll be in touch with a different guest from different countries: musicians, cooks, photographers, dancers, artists, etc. who will help you:

(1) get used to different accents,

(2) be confident when talking to someone who’s not your teacher or a colleague and

(3) have fun during the English lessons.

Our location

We’re located in the very center of Amsterdam, which allows us to explore the city while learning English and makes the experience much richer.

Twist and Talk is more than an English school!