We’ve gathered our students’ top questions and to help you better understand how Twist & Talk can help you, we’ve created a FAQ.

1. Can Twist and Talk help me with my visa?

Twist and Talk cannot help you with your visa. The visa laws change constantly and from country to country.

Once the students have paid for the course, we’re happy to provide them with a confirmation letter of registration whenever requested, which may help them with the visa process.

In order to have accurate information, we advise you to check the local Dutch consulate or embassy.

Furthermore, we indicate the following websites:



2. Can I get a student visa if I register with Twist and Talk?

No. Language schools are not entitled of granting students visa in the Netherlands.

3. Can I work in the Netherlands if I get a student visa?

No. You are not permitted to work in the Netherlands while on a visa unless your employer has organized a work permit for you.

For further information about visa, please check the following website:


4. Is the accommodation included in the price?

No, our prices don’t include accommodation nor do we offer accommodation. Twist and Talk provides tuition only.

5. What’s my level?

In order to know your English level, click here.

6. What does “multilevel” mean?

It means that there are people from different English levels in the same group.

7. How can I learn if my colleagues are in different levels than mine?

Twist and Talk believes in an unconventional methodology of learning. We fully prepare students for real life, where you’ll meet people who can speak English better than you – and you’ll learn from them – and people who know less than you, granting you the opportunity of helping them.

Whatever your level is, you’ll have access to a completely personalized online program dedicated exclusively to your level and needs.

8. What about grammar?

Grammar is the structure of the language, therefore, it’s extremely important to learn it well. But memorizing rules slows the speaking process down. Besides, grammar rules nowadays are available for free in libraries and on the internet – through qualified videos and apps.

While learning your own language, you first learned the sounds of the words, their meanings and how to communicate. The grammar came along intuitively and only after a few years you learned the rules – and then finally mastered it.

Before the classes start we will check your level and your grammar knowledge. Once we have it “diagnosed”, we’ll prepare a personal online grammar course based on your needs where you’ll learn the rules by yourself.  The teacher will be checking your progress closely and, once a week, you’ll have a grammar class dedicated to the subject you and your colleagues are learning.


9. Can I have some classes in the morning and other classes in the afternoon?

No. The groups are closed and you should remain with the group that you started the classes.

10. Will I learn English in one month?

No. Only a very limited number of people in the planet can learn a new language within a month.

We need from 3 – 6 months to activate our “language learning button” in the brain. Provided that the person studies English on a regular basis, it usually takes him / her  2 years to be fluent in English.

12. Will I change levels in one month?

Although we don’t focus on levels at Twist and Talk, some people do change their level within a month – provided that they do a great use of our online platform.

13. How can I register for the classes?

Because our groups are small,  the full payment is the only way to save your seat.

14. Can I pay monthly?

No, the payment must be completed at once,  before the classes start.

15. I’ll arrive in Amsterdam a few days after the classes start. Can I have a discount?

No. We’re sorry that you’re going to miss a few classes, but we can’t give students discounts in these cases.

A couple times a year Twist and Talk makes special prices and promotions. This is the only way students can have discounts.

16. I’ll leave Amsterdam a few days before the classes finish. Can I have a discount?

No. We’re sorry that you’re going to miss a few classes, but we can’t give students discounts in these cases.

A couple times a year Twist and Talk makes special prices and promotions. This is the only way students can have discounts.

17. I’ll be absent of a few classes. Can I replace these classes in the following month / at another time shift?

No. The classes in which the students are absent aren’t replaced.

18. Can I attend just one or two weeks of classes?

Yes, you can, but you will have to pay the full price. On certain occasions of the year, Twist and Talk has Super Intensive courses which lasts two or three weeks.

Please, register for our Newsletter and we will let you know about these occasions.

19. The classes start every first Monday of the month, but I’ll be in Amsterdam only after the second week. Can I join half of the program in one month and another half in the following month?

No, this is not possible. The groups are very small and a student who does it would be occupying the place of a student who would be paying for the full month.

20. Can I have a discount if I want to extend the course for another month?

Twist and Talk already has special prices for students who register for 2 or 3 months beforehand. If you have registered for one month and decide to extend the course, you don’t have an automatic discount, unless we have a special promotion on the occasion.