Multilevel Intensive Course

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Our focus is 100% on conversation. No books. Purely experiencing the language.

In this stage, students have one – two grammar class a week, to reinforce the structure of the language and give students more confidence when speaking. The grammar classes are highly interactive and the new structured is practice through constant conversation.

Each day the student will have a different activity, such as cooking, learning how to play a musical instrument or cooking.

By doing different activities and moving our bodies, we activate new neurons and emotions, which help the memory. Just as natural as you have learned your own language, you’ll distract your brain and acquire a new language almost unawarely.

1 review for Multilevel Intensive Course


    Thank you. I would like to improve my English by using interaction

    • Twist’n Talk

      Thank you for your interest. Please check your level and then register to one of our courses. Have a great day!

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